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Jay on MSNBC – Clinton Trump Roast

Jay Thomas talks with Stephanie Ruhle of MSNBC on 10/21/2016
about the Al Smith dinner/Roast with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Love & War Gag Reel

This is from the Love & War Gag Reel from Season #3 divided into 8 pieces. Enjoy!

A Blast From the Past – The Love Boat

The Love Boat Season 4 Episode 15 April the Ninny; The Loan Arranger; First Voyage, Last Voyage

A young woman falls in love without knowing that her health is in danger. April becomes a nanny to TV sportscaster Ty Younger's kids. A loan shark sends one of his men to collect a debt, but complications arise.

First Aired: January 17, 1981

Al Jazeera Doping

Jay Thomas weighs in  on doping in sport in America on Al Jazeera America – @ 12th minute

Jay Thomas on Al Jazeera


Jay Thomas with Al Sharpton: End of an Era: David Letterman signs off

MSNBC: End of an Era: David Letterman signs off

After 33 years on TV, David Letterman will sign off Wednesday. He was innovative and always unpredictable. Rev. Sharpton talks to two people close to him: Former “Late Show” writer and producer Daniel Kellison and comedian Jay Thomas

Letterman hosting final ‘Late Show’

Jay Thomas on ‘The Interview’

Actor and SiriusXM radio host Jay Thomas weighs in on the movie “The Interview” controversy.
Dec 17, 2014


Williams’ death sheds light on depression

Comedian Jay Thomas, actress Morgan Fairchild and “Daily Show” co-creator Lizz Winstead recall their “loving” friend Robin Williams, as well as the prevalence of depression among comedians.

Underrated Radio Host, Article by CJ Ramirez

WHO: Jay Thomas

WHAT: Underrated Radio Host

WHY: Jay Thomas is the host of the Jay Thomas Show on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. I actually discovered his show entirely by accident a few years ago. When it comes to trying new radio shows I am pretty closed-minded so whenever his show came on the air, I quickly changed to something else. I never heard of this Jay Thomas and just figured he was like all the other generic radio hosts. One day I was relaxing in bed and was too lazy to get up and change the dial. Lo and behold, the Jay Thomas show came on and within a few minutes I was hooked. Wow! Why was I not listening to this before! This was a fresh radio show that quickly captured my attention. First, Jay Thomas pulls no punches which I greatly appreciate. He isn’t afraid to voice his opinion and he has a plethora of those. It is refreshing to hear an honest
opinion on a wide range of topics rather than the hackneyed politically correct answers. There is not any subject he is afraid to talk about from the silly to the taboo, and his guests reflect that. He has had a number of quirky guests including psychics, convicts, D-list celebrities and everything in between. Not only that, awkward moments abound, especially his very uncomfortable interview with Kevin Bacon. This is real radio folks, and anything can happen.

JaypicJay is also not afraid to make fun of himself, and regularly proclaims that his radio show is the easiest show to call in to.
He also regularly mimics his mother using a high pitched female voice with a Louisiana accent that rivals the hilarity of Howard Stern channeling his own parents Ben and Ray Stern. One of his regular callers/tormentors is Jesse from San Diego. Let’s just say Jay doesn’t like him very much and he lets him know it. After berating him, he will usually utter his signature line of “Get Rid of Him”. Since Jay considers himself to be on the fringes of Hollywood he has nothing to lose and doesn’t mind revealing stories from his personal life often involving other celebrities. His audition story with Robert De Niro and his stories about Rhea Perlman’s distaste for him remain personal favorites.

Jay also has a number of regulars on his show that are more than willing to participate in the shenanigans, the most interesting being the mysterious Ira the Weatherman. Imagine your grandfather doing a radio show while drunk, and spouting non sequiturs with a distinct phlegmy voice! And I still have no idea who he is, his origin remains an enigma wrapped in riddle. Jay will ocassionally ask him what movies he rented from the library and a hilarious review will ensue usually with a movie that nobody heard of or has seen, many times due to the fact that Ira botches the titles. His
constant interruptions when Jay is interviewing guests are very amusing. Jay’s producer Garrett Andritz and his call screener Cristina Palumbo make perfect fodder for his sharp wit. Garrett has a knack for playing devil’s advocate and usually brings up interesting counterpoints to Jay’s arguments. The feisty Cristina is frequently teased by Jay but she is not afraid to fight back. They have a real love-hate relationship that can change at any moment. Jeff Furlotte calls in while impersonating several celebrities including Charlie Sheen and Michelle Obama. His jokes go right for the jugular, and the biggest joke is that all of the impressions sound alike! Comedian Shuli is a welcome presence on the Friday show. He brings many years of experience as a stand up comedian and much like Jay, he truly shines when telling stories from his own personal experiences. Comedians Kevin Meaney and Rodney Lee Conover are also key contributors to the show. All these other radio personalities allow for a very dynamic listening experience and also allow Jay to play some fun games like Around the Horn (sure, many have seen this game on ESPN but it has never been this funny since maybe the Max Kellerman days).

In addition to Around the Horn, there are many other amusing recurring spots that Jay does. During a segment entitled Alex Gavel to Gavel, he discusses current legal cases with lawyer Alex in an often comical manner. The Voicebox feature is a way for fans to interact directly with the show. Fans can call the Voicebox and leave messages for the show and they are played on the air. Whether you love or hate the show, you can call in and have your voice heard. The Cool Moms/Cool Dads segment involves current news stories where moms or dads do really stupid things. While the story is read aloud, Cristina and Garrett will sing either the Cool Mom or Cool Dad song respectively.

The Jay Thomas Show is a truly wonderful experience. Jay has a great supporting cast and does fun recurring bits.
What really sets this show apart is that Jay answers to nobody. Jay Thomas’ honesty and fearlessness allow him to be one of the most interesting voices in radio.

CHECK THIS OUT: The Jay Thomas Show on Sirius XM Satellite Radio

Article by CJ Ramirez

Harvey Levin isn’t thrilled with ‘Ray Donovan’ character based on him, Sept. 1, 2013

TMZ’s Harvey Levin isn’t thrilled that a thinly veiled version of himself turned up in the ninth episode of Showtime’s “Ray Donovan.”

“I haven’t seen it. I heard about it,” Levin told The Post’s Richard Johnson.

Asked if he was flattered to be portrayed by Jay Thomas as “Marty Grossman,” the operator of the fictional, Levin diplomatically replied, “I like the show.” Read more…