Jay Thomas & surprise guest Gilbert Gottfried – 10th Anniversary Special

Jay Thomas Officially Gets Rid of not one but 2 people! Jay Thomas Show 10th Anniversary Special

Jay Thomas is face to face with his British Announcer for the first time

We’re off to a great start on the Jay Thomas Show 10th Anniversary Live from the Fishbowl!

Jay Thomas At The 2015 Berkshire Playwright’s Lab Gala


  This year’s Berkshire Playwright’s Lab Opening Night Gala will take place on Friday, June 5th at 8 p.m. at The Mahaiwe in Great Barrington, MA.

It will be an evening of new short plays and new short films written by Chiara Atik, Joe Cacaci, Richard Dresser and Dean Imperial and featuring performances by Lauren Ambrose, Treat Williams, and our guest Jay Thomas.

Source: wamc.org – Listen to the interview Here

Jay Thomas with Al Sharpton: End of an Era: David Letterman signs off

MSNBC: End of an Era: David Letterman Signs Off

After 33 years on TV, David Letterman will sign off Wednesday. He was innovative and always unpredictable. Rev. Sharpton talks to two people close to him: Former “Late Show” writer and producer Daniel Kellison and comedian Jay Thomas

Letterman hosting final ‘Late Show’

‘Late Show With David Letterman’ finale countdown: Revisiting the New Orleans connections

DaveWalkerLateShowArticle Source = NOLA.com
The final “Late Show With David Letterman” airs at 10:35 p.m. Wednesday (May 20) on WWL-TV, capping a weeks-long on-air salute to its host’s TV career. During the nostalgic extravaganza, Letterman and bandleader-sidekick Paul Shaffer have been toasted by favorite guests and musical acts, while celebrating many of their best (and worst) on-air moments together.

As a final send-off, here’s a copy-from-the-crypt review of some of the New Orleans connections made by Letterman and Shaffer over the years.

The early days

JaynDaveFootballAfter a fondly remembered daytime talk show on NBC, Letterman moved to the middle of the night. “Late Night With David Letterman,” airing after Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show” starting in February 1982, re-wrote the late-night rules.

For just a few months in New Orleans, though, because in fall 1983 NBC affiliate WDSU ditched Letterman’s show for the syndicated (and more profitable) “Thicke of the Night,” a Canadian transplant hosted by Alan Thicke.

Mark Lorando, the Times-Picayune TV columnist, called the replacement show “torturous.” Benjamin Morrison, also of the Times-Picayune’s TV staff, called it “painful and prosaic.”

WDSU’s Royal Street studio was petitioned and picketed by “Save Dave” activists, and the newspaper’s TV Focus Forum – rocking reader interactivity and engagement decades before online comment streams and polls – was flooded with protesting letters.

CNN Tonight with Don Lemon – Are Trevor Noah’s Jokes Offensive?

Jay Thomas weighs in on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon – Are Trevor Noah’s Jokes Offensive?

Famous People Who Put Their Children Up For Adoption

Jay Thomas 8x10Putting a child up for adoption can be one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever have to make in life.  People do it for many reasons: they’re not ready to become a parent, their career is taking off, their living situation is unstable, etc.  But did you know that some celebrities have had to face that hard decision as well?  They’re humans, too.  Here is a list of celebrities you most likely didn’t know put their children up for adoption.


Actor Jay Thomas gave a son up for adoption with his then-girlfriend when his career was just getting started. The couple thought it was the best decision at the time. The father and son were reunited in 2007.

Source: rebelcircus.com