5 Questions For Jay Thomas: ‘Why Hillary Never Left Bill Is a Mystery’!

Jim Halfens


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Following the popularity of my Huffington Post blog with focused on tips and advice for relationships and divorce procedures, I thought it was time for a new idea. Over the last few years as Divorce Hotel has been extremely successful, putting me in touch with famous people, some who wanted to interview me and others who I met as Divorce Hotel expanded across continents. I realized that so many of these well-known people had been through their own, sometimes public, relationships and divorces and had wealth of knowledge to share. So I decided to start interviewing them, and my new column 5 questions for… was born.

The whole purpose of “5 questions for…” is to inspire in low-key and sometimes a funny way in short stories. So who would be my first victim to interview? I knew instantly, I contacted American actor and comedian Jay Thomas. Jay hosts a fun and engaging national talk show on SiriusXM called the Jay Thomas Show, where I have been a guest multiple times. I knew that he was funny and had plenty to say on the topic of relationships and divorce. Here is what he had to say.

“Nobody wants to see the real you”

Jim Halfens: You are a very well known actor and are a three time nominee and two time Emmy Award winner for playing Jerry Gold on the 1980s hit TV show Murphy Brown. With such an impressive list of roles, did your acting talent benefit you in your private life?”

Jay Thomas smJay Thomas: Let’s be straight. We play characters in movies and TV shows. Yes of course sometimes writers have taken true events from my relationships and put them in shows. But hey, let’s be real my friend. I never acted as myself! Seriously no one wants to see the real you! From my point of view I don’t want to see the real them either.

“I was divorced twice at a very young age”

JH: In my blog about divorces, I try to include inspiration for my readers who are going through divorce or hard times their own relationships. What has been your own experience with divorce?

JT: I was married a couple of times young and had a few long-term relationships. After the break up I never heard from the women again and I never sought them out. Over is over unless there are children and that luckily I never had to deal with.

“friendly exes bore me”

JH: If I had a marriage that dissolved I would do my best to protect the children and make nice with the mom. It seems like you have been generous with your ex and the kids. But what do you think about staying in touch with exes in general?

JT: In case of if no kids I do not believe in staying friends with an ex. Believe me I’ve tried, but Jim, seriously what’s the use… friendly ex’s bore me. I went out with a couple of exes but one of us still carried a torch for the other… I

“Never tell the truth in couple’s therapy”

JH: I’m sure you’ve been in couple’s therapy at least once in your life. What do you think about it?

JT: In couple’s therapy, for me it was best to listen to the critique of my behavior and not say much since it was usually my fault.

“Why Hillary Clinton never left Bill is a mystery”

JH: I only have 5 questions so I would like to end this interview with asking you, if you could choose any couple in the world, who do you think should get a divorce immediately and why?

JT: I can answer this question pretty fast and I am a supporter of both of them but why Hillary Clinton never left Bill is a mystery. Many people say she stayed for her aspirations but they would have had the same relationship (none!) after divorce. And she would have come off as a lot stronger to me.

Jay on MSNBC – Clinton Trump Roast

Jay Thomas talks with Stephanie Ruhle of MSNBC on 10/21/2016
about the Al Smith dinner/Roast with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Love & War Gag Reel

This is from the Love & War Gag Reel from Season #3 divided into 8 pieces. Enjoy!

A Blast From the Past – The Love Boat

The Love Boat Season 4 Episode 15 April the Ninny; The Loan Arranger; First Voyage, Last Voyage

A young woman falls in love without knowing that her health is in danger. April becomes a nanny to TV sportscaster Ty Younger's kids. A loan shark sends one of his men to collect a debt, but complications arise.

First Aired: January 17, 1981

Jay Thomas on NCIS NOLA!

After traveling to Texas to escort a key witness to the trial of an infamous arms dealer, Sonja and Special Agent Pride are ambushed.



The trial of a man Pride investigated is about to begin but the key witness gets away from his protection. He calls Pride to tell him he’s on his way but when he turns on his car, it blows up. Pride thinks the criminal did it which he denies. The prosecutor needs another witness and there was another man whom Pride chose not to ask to testify, who is currently in prison in Texas. He agrees to testify on the. condition that Pride be the one who escorts him. Pride decides to bring Sonja with him because he wants to know about the thing she’s doing which catches the attention of another agency. LaSalle and Brody continue to investigate the bombing and learn the criminal might not have anything to do with it.

Al Jazeera Doping

Jay Thomas weighs in  on doping in sport in America on Al Jazeera America – @ 12th minute

Jay Thomas on Al Jazeera


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CJ Hunt is a writer and comedian living in New Orleans. He is a co-founder of The New Movement and the creator of the original series  Sunken City (as seen in Indiewire, Paper Magazine, and Mashable). He travels the country performing with the sketch group Stupid Time Machine. Recent appearances include San Francisco Sketchfest, Chicago Sketchfest, Toronto Sketchfest, and the Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival. He spends most of his time writing and directing short films with Stupid Time Machine. Follow his work at gocjhunt.com. Twitter: @gocjhunt


Molly Ruben-Long is a comedian and actress based in New Orleans, LA. She has performed stand-up comedy at venues across the United States on the Girls with Mace Comedy Tour. She is the Co-Producer of Bear With Me every Mondaynight at Twelve Mile Limit in New Orleans and is one half of the sketch comedy duo Raw Honey. Her festival appearances include Hell Yes Fest in New Orleans, Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin and Crom Comedy Festival in Denver.

Lane Lonion is a New Orleans comedian originally from Maurice, Louisiana.  Lane has been featured on Hell Yes Fest for the past 3 years.  He believes in most people.

Cassidy Henehan

Cassidy Henehan has performed Stand-Up comedy regularly since the summer of 2002, with that time split pretty much evenly Between New York City and, currently, his hometown New Orleans, Louisiana where he Hosts & Co-produces the City's Longest Running Weekly Comedy Showcase ("Comedy Catastrophe", Tuesdays at Lost Love Lounge 10pm/Est 2010) & Weekly Comedy Open Mic ("Think You're Funny?", Wednesdays at Carrollton Station 9pm/Est 2008). Over the last 13 years, he's been lucky enough to party & perform with dozens of Wonderful Comedians you've probably heard of & appear on a Handful of Great Comedy Festivals you probably haven't. Cassidy is genuinely excited about every opportunity he gets to perform Stand-Up & genuinely tired of trying to write about himself in the 3rd person. He looks forward to one day having a publicist or somebody to write his Bio for him. 

Louisiana comedian, Allison Hotard, shares her quirky perspective on bayou life and big city living. Hotard first dabbled in comedy by taking a class at the University of New Orleans in 2007 with comedian, Kenneth LaFrance.  After a beach trip with friends, she decided to pick it up again.  In August 2014 she signed up for a class at the Castle Theater with Jodi Borrello. She performed at Harrah’s Casino with Borrello and Becky Allen. She has been featured with Jay Thomas on The Real Jay Thomas Radio show on Sirius XM. Most recently, Hotard has joined Borrello and Allen as the newest member of the Three Charmers.

image006aMATT OWENS
In November of 2014, Matt was personally selected to open/feature for Louis CK at a sold out show at New Orleans’ historic Joy Theater. He was featured at Hell Yes Fest in 2014 and 2015. In February 2015, he performed five nights of shows in New York City. In May 2015, Matt headlined a sold out show at the Joy Theater. After receiving an acting scholarship, Matt Owens studied and performed Theatre at the University of Mississippi in Oxford. Matt performs stand-up regularly in New Orleans (House of Blues, Howlin’ Wolf) and throughout the Southeast. He hosts a monthly New Orleans Comedy Showcase at The Government Street Grocery in Ocean Springs, MS, and regularly headlines sold-out shows at the Castle Theater. In 2014 & 2015, he organized and headlined a New Orleans Comedy Road Tour which ended with sold out shows in the resort town of Saint Simon's Island, GA. Matt has opened for Hannibal Buress, Louis Katz and shared the stage with Bill Burr and Darrell Hammond at the House of Blues.

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