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Jay on MSNBC – Clinton Trump Roast

Jay Thomas talks with Stephanie Ruhle of MSNBC on 10/21/2016
about the Al Smith dinner/Roast with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Love & War Gag Reel

This is from the Love & War Gag Reel from Season #3 divided into 8 pieces. Enjoy!

A Blast From the Past – The Love Boat

The Love Boat Season 4 Episode 15 April the Ninny; The Loan Arranger; First Voyage, Last Voyage

A young woman falls in love without knowing that her health is in danger. April becomes a nanny to TV sportscaster Ty Younger's kids. A loan shark sends one of his men to collect a debt, but complications arise.

First Aired: January 17, 1981

Jay Thomas with Al Sharpton: End of an Era: David Letterman signs off

MSNBC: End of an Era: David Letterman Signs Off

After 33 years on TV, David Letterman will sign off Wednesday. He was innovative and always unpredictable. Rev. Sharpton talks to two people close to him: Former “Late Show” writer and producer Daniel Kellison and comedian Jay Thomas

Letterman hosting final ‘Late Show’

CNN Tonight with Don Lemon – Are Trevor Noah’s Jokes Offensive?

Jay Thomas weighs in on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon – Are Trevor Noah’s Jokes Offensive?

Jay Thomas on ‘The Interview’

Actor and SiriusXM radio host Jay Thomas weighs in on the movie “The Interview” controversy.
Dec 17, 2014


Williams’ death sheds light on depression

Comedian Jay Thomas, actress Morgan Fairchild and “Daily Show” co-creator Lizz Winstead recall their “loving” friend Robin Williams, as well as the prevalence of depression among comedians.

Haunting Jay Thomas

Jay Thomas visits his former home in California where his son had a traumatic paranormal experience with a ghost. Kim assists Jay and his son as they uncover the true nature of the spirit while revealing its connection to Jay’s own life

The Haunting of Jay Thomas Aired on July 19, 2013

Hollywood Violence

Jay Thomas on Hollywood Violence

Rep. Joseph Crowley and actor Jay Thomas (and more) discuss violence in the entertainment industry.
Jan 10, 2013